Garden furniture for rent
Enjoy life with fresh air
Renting furniture for a summer family vacation is an ideal combination of convenience, beauty, and cost!
  • Free delivery and assembly
    Up to 30 km off city limits we deliver 24/7 for free. It includes unloading, assembling, and installing.
  • Additional equipment
    A huge selection of gas heaters, umbrellas, grills, and barbecues.
  • For private persons and companies
    Payment is possible either via bank card, or to a company account with all documentation.
Benefits of renting furniture
  • 1
    Convenient and affordable
    Cost of renting a set of garden furniture is significantly lower than buying it. You can temporarily increase the number of the chairs and sofas for your celebration, and rent a bar stand.
  • 2
    No need for keeping space
    You can rent only for the time of being in your summer home, or for an event, without needing to worry about where to keep the furniture during winter.
  • 3
    Natural material
    The furniture creates comfort with its appearance and smell of wood.
  • 4
    24 hour delivery and assembly
    The furniture will be delivered, assembled, and taken back at whatever time of day you want.
  • 5
    Beautiful and fashionable
    Pallette furniture brightens up your workdays, and any family gathering too.
How it looks
Sets of furniture for family or big companies
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