How to select a stage for your event

Community member Sergei Bely shares his experience
The summer is a time for performance events. But what performance can there be without a stage? None. Can't do it without a stage. But buying an entire stage for a few events is not good either. Problems with delivery, keeping, the size of it. Therefore it's much easier to just rent a stage. One of the best options is the Intellistage.

Light weight

The first thing to mention is the light weight of the stage. It's assembled from fragments. 1x1 meter fragment with the thickness of 3 cm weighs about 13 kg. Any person can transport it by themselves. This is, of course, a plus.


Another argument is the mobility. The stage easily fits into a common minivan. So you won't have to hire a truck driver to carry it. It's much easier to keep things in control yourself.

Specialists love this stage because it's easy to handle by one person. Entirely so. Load, transport, unload, assembly. You won't need a team. It's easy. Does not demand any special skills. Even a child can figure it out.


The scene is assembled from multiple fragments. The most popular are the square-shaped ones. There are also rectangular, circular, and triangular fragments, but they're less popular. So, every square piece has 2 fastenings, which are inserted into grooves. To assemble you just need a hex tool. Holes to insert the legs are at the bottom. For aesthetics, the legs can be hidden by a skirt. Simple and easy.


The scene can be as wide as needed, but what about the height? A logical question. Let us answer it. Standard legs are of 20 cm, 40 cm and 60 cm tall. But that doesn't mean the stage can't be higher. The legs are easily combined. So you can raise the stage up to 80 cm and even to 1 m. The stability isn't lost from the extra fastenings.
Life hack: longest legs at the bottom, shortest at the top.

Going on stage

The next question is how are you supposed to climb onto such a tall stage? We thought of this as well. 1 m x 40 cm steps allow for a comfortable climb. They too are attached to the stage to avoid slipping.

The stage's purpose

For what purposes the Intellistage is best for? All of them:

  • Operator podium;
  • Go-go dancing;
  • DJ with a station;
  • Drummer podium;
  • Awards podium.

Stage covering

This one is set apart by protection from slipping.

Indoors only. Comfortable, but hard to clean. So it's less popular than out darling туфу.

A universal covering fit for both indoors and outdoors. Ideal black color, smooth and presentable. We love it for its easy restoration. Any scratches during usage can be painted over. No traces of damage left.

Stage durability

One fact to shed all your doubts about the stage's durability. You can easily fit a car onto the podium. It will hold. 1 square meter is intended for 900 kg of load.

All stage-related goods can be rented from Sergey Bely And you can learn more about the equipment on his youtube channel.
April 26th 2021 г.
Editor — Daria Azimova
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