Celebrating 8th of March? Easy!

Rentmania shares gift ideas
Still struggling to think of what to gift a woman for the 8th of March? We decided to ease your choice with a selection of options. Below you will find ideas to make your loved ones happy with.
  • Game console
    Every girl loves to dance. Well, almost every. Probability to hit the mark with this gift is 99,99%. You can select many types of dance in the console. Your girlfriend will have a wonderful evening with the console, likely not just one. You won't be bored either.
  • Exercise bike
    Spring is coming. Girls think a lot about how to get back in shape. An exercise bike is an excellent solutiojn to this problem. And when there's no longer need for it - you can just return it and free up apartment space. Beware! This gift is acceptable only when you know it won't offend her.
  • Massage chair
    What can feel better than a massage at the end of the day? This gift is suitable for all ages. Everyone will be satisfied. Consider your loved ones' health. An excellent gift option for March 8th.
  • Mini solarium
    Beauty at home? Why not. Many girls dream of an at-home solarium. Fulfill your friend's dream. She will become even more beautiful.
  • Puzzle
    Your girlfriend loves assembling jigsaw puzzles, but there's no space left for them? Rent a puzzle, assemble it, then return after it's all done. We're sure you will find what interests you.
  • Coffee maker
    Women love coffee. More so, on practice, it's not just any coffee but more interesting variations - like latte, or cappuccino. Rent a personal barista and you won't want to part ways with them.
  • Sewing machine
    Perhaps your girlfiend wants to try herself in the role of a tailor. But buying an expensive quality sewing machine just for an experiment – a questionable investment, isn't it? Rent one for a month or two. On that time your girlfriend can try it out and decide if it is for her or not.
  • Photo booth
    If you're a leader of a company, this option is for you. Place a photo booth at the celebration's eve. Your coworkers will gladly make memorable photos. For cafes and restaurants it's also a good option to surprise the guests with.
We hope that we have helped you decide on a gift. We remind you, our items can be delivered. Just call us, we'll take care of the rest.
Feburary 2021
Editor — Daria Azimova
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