How to lease
Step 1. Place a listing on the site and accept requests.
Tell as much as possible about the item in the description. Include good quality photographs, it will increase the chances of someone taking a liking to the item.
If you have doubts about the price, look at equivalent listings from other owners and select a median price, it will most likely be good. If the item is valuable or expensive, we advise to set a security deposit (it is frozen on the renter's bank card for the rental period) It's up to you which sum to set, but we advise no more than 30% of item cost. If due to circumstances you cannot lease the item right now but you got a request, just decline it. It will be polite if you include a reason for the rejection as well.

Step 2. Accept the rental request from another community memeber. The renter will have a few hours to reserve rental payments. You will see the updated status in the chat.

Step 3. Receive a notification for reserved rental payment. If this is your first deal in the community, input your passport data for the creation of online contract. The contract is assembled automatically and will be sent to your email as soon as the renter receives the item.

Step 4. Hand over the item to the renter/courier and receive payment. The money will arrive to your card, when the renter gets the item. The security deposit, if exists, will be frozen on the renter's bank card for the whole rental period.

Step 5. Get the item back. Thoroughly check the item, then click "Item received" button. We will be glad if you also leave feedback of the service (it's just a couple clicks). "Leave feedback" button will be in chat upon the rental period end.

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