How to rent
Step 1. Find the item you want in the Rentmania Шаг 1. community catalogue. We advise sending requests to multiple owners.

Step 2. Get confirmation from the owner that the item is free and reserve it. Reserve payment with the bank card. If you change your mind or the item turns out to be of bad quality, the service will return the reserved sum immediately. The pledge (if exists) remains "frozen" on your card for the rental period and instantly "unfreezes," when the owner gets the item back.

Step 3. Input data for the online contract. Before getting the item, it is needed to input your passport data for a two-side online rent agreeement between you and the item owner. The filled contract arrives to you by email after reservation.

Step 4. Check the item upon reception and press the "Item received" button. If you havbe questions about packaging or usage of the item, ask the owner in chat.

Step 5. Upon expiration date return the item to the owner. Click the "Item returned" button. We will be glad if you also leave feedback of the service (it's just a couple clicks). "Leave feedback" button will be in chat upon the rental period end.

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