Listing rules
    • Do not list the same listing twice.
    • Set the price in Russian Federation rubles only.
    • The security deposit amount cannot exceed 30% of the item's market value.
    • The name of the listing must match the item's description.
    • The name must only contain the actual name of the item and important parameters, the rest goes into description.
    • Do not put the price into the name, there's a specific area for that.
    • The listing name must be in Russian. Unwarranted use of capital letters, special symbols, foreign language, and attention-grabbing words ("Urgent," "Attention," "Rental") is prohibited.
    • The description must also be in Russia, do not use foreign languages or transliterated words. Unwarranted use of special symbols and capital letters is likewise prohibited.
    • Use the most fitting category, subcategory, and extra parameters (if exist.) If you didn't find a fitting category, use "Other."
    • Use real parameters of the item in listing. If needed, use "Specifications" or "Packaging" fields.
    • All information must be real.
    • Use unique photographs of the item, taken by you. Usage of contact info on the photo, company logos, and watermarks is prohibited. Do not add company logos or names.
    • Image editing in special software is prohibited (adding colorful borders, filling the background, text over image, etc)
    • Do not list your contact info in description or photo, your profile is for that.
    • Do not list items that go beyond our community concept (real estate, personal hygiene products, etc)
    • The listing should only contain the description of one item. General advertising in listing is prohibited.
    • Listing advertising information, particularly internet-resource advertising (portals, forums, dating sites, etc.) and business (shops, companies) is prohibited. Signs of an advertisement listing: an assortment of items and prices.
    • Only list about listing or possible sale of an item.
    • Erotic, pornographic, profane, extremist, and other content not meeting RENTMANIA community standards is prohibited.
    • Do not use auto-listing software without administration approval.
    • Unapproved/unwarranted usage of logos and brands in listing or username is prohibited.

    RENTMANIA reserves the right of addition or update of the existing rules. If you have a suggestion or found an error, tell us:

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