Safety and guarantees
Items are dear to their owners, as the money is to the renters. In the interests of all community members we made the renting process not only convenient, but as safe as possible.

We always come to help in difficult situations. But to make sure we can help you, we ask you to abide by our safety rules and do not pay with cash. Always reserve payment only through our site.

Why is it safe and easy with us

  • Verified community members. All community members go through a verification procedure, inputting data about themselves. No need to worry about your counterpart disappearing out of sight - we keep all the required information on them.
  • Safe rental payments. The renter pays on the site. The money arrives to the owner's bank card, when the renter gets the item and signals that it's fine. The security deposit is frozen on the bank card for the entire rental period. These mechanics practically nullify the possibility of a scam.
  • An online contract signing with passport data. Participant members of the deal leave their passport data on the site upon signing the online contract. Copies arrive by email to both parties.
  • A caring support team for our members. Our service works daily with no off days.
Guarantees for owners

  • Don't be afraid of leasing your things to other community members. It is a misconception to think that the item will assuredly be broken or not returned - such cases are extremely rare.
  • If you abided by the rules, (above) but something went wrong, the service will compensate your damages up to 30 000 rubles.

Guarantees for renters

  • When you pay for the rent through the site, you shield yourself from unnecessary risks, like getting a broken item or one vastly different from its description. Press "item acquired" only after a thorough checking, afterwards the service will pay the owner.
  • You also won't have to worry that your security deposit won't be returned. The service will "freeze" the sum on your bank card and automatically "unfreeze," when the owner confirms the item's return.

In the event of a difficult situation, the service administration will come for help and offer a compromise to satisfy everyone.

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