Who we are and what we do
RENTMANIA is the first and unique community, with members renting and leasing the things they need in a completely new manner.

The old and boring rental format is coming to an end!

No more tiresome calls of questionable listings, pledging your documents, paper contracts, passport copies, cash payments, and so on.

Now borrowing a thing is easier than ever

  • All rental goods on one site, in a convenient catalog, with reasonable prices
  • Online booking and payment throguh Visa and MasterCard bank cards
  • Fast and free cancellation
  • The pledge (if exists) is simply held on your bank card for the rental period and is instantly unfrozen upon the deal expiration
  • Same day delivery in Moscow at a convenient time and place
  • Online contract for every deal
  • Help with difficult situations and much more.

Why did we do all this?

We really want you to not overpay for something you'll use only a couple times. Even if you buy it used at Avito, it's going to collect dust at your home, take up space, and grow more obsolete. So you still end up overpaying! That's why we've created a convenient internet service, so you could easily borrow all that you need, from people like you.
Benefits to being a member of our community

  • you get access to items exactly when you need them, for only 10% of the purchasing cost
  • you get unforgettable experience of using the things you couldn't buy
  • you will be acting rationally and enviromentally conscious, without buying excessive things and piling up your space
  • you will meet new people who share your interests
Perhaps, you already lived in a rental apartment, or rented a car or a bike in city park? It's time to rent things we don't use every day. Try and you'll enjoy it!
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