Yana has been renting exercisce equipment for almost a year!

We decided it'd be amazing to look at our service through the client's eyes. Of course, we always strive to improve our work, but a fresh outlook has never hurt anyone. Our regular client Yana has graciously agreed to give us an interview. She has been renting a threadmill for almost a year. We asked the questions that will help us figure out how to make Rentmania better.

- Yana, what made you decide to try renting a threadmill?

Last spring all the gyms have temporarily closed because of the pandemic. To be around large gatherings of people was a little scary then. Even so, I did not want to lose form. I decided to find a threadmill for rent. Now I can exercise whenever it's convenient for me.
Rentmania user

- How did you find our service?

Through the internet. Yandex showed your site. I visited and found what I needed. Simple and convenient.

- What did you like and why did you decide to extend the rent?

I like to exercise in the mornings. It gives me the rush of energy. Having tried it at home, I realised that it's much easier, than driving through the whole city in heavy traffic.

- What other items would you like to rent?

I think I'm going to get more exercise equipment. I love the idea of a mini-gym at home, I'm just not sure what exactly I want at the moment.

- Would you try renting out something of your own?

For now, no. I try not to buy unnecessary things, especially when they can be rented. It's easier for me that way.

- What are the most important factors for you when renting an item?

I look at the item's quality and the state of it. It is important for me. If delivery is present, that is a huge plus. I can't carry big and heavy things myself, and there's no time for it.

- Was there ever something inconvenient in your renting?

To be honest, I've never had a bad situation throughout all year. All is excellent.

- What do your friends think about renting things?

They think it's good. A few of my friends are you clients too. I actually think renting is becoming more and more popular.
We thank Yana for her interview.
We hope the process became easy to understand for you and maybe, you've already become interested in something from our catalogue.
If you still have questions - write to us, we're always here.
12 февраля 2021 г.
Редактор — Дарья Азимова
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