Have you ever leased your things?

We live in the age of consumption. Store shelves are breaking from excess goods. People are buying more and more things to make their lives more comfortable. One wants an exercise bike, another needs a photo camera, or a game console. They earn, then buy, use it for a certain time, then forget about it.
What are we left with?
Not enough space

The apartment is filled with unneeded things
Don't want to throw away

A lot of money was spent on acquiring them
Need more

New needs have appeared
What can we do about all of this? Heavily evaluate every purchase? A good option in theory, but much harder in practice.
Much better to make the correct decision when you have tested what you intend to buy.
Exercise equipment
For example, exercise equipment. How many stories of them turning into hangers for your pants? But how about this? You rent an exercise bike for a month and test it out. If you like - you can think about purchasing or extending your rent. If not - return and forget.
Photo camera
Or for example, you are going to a vacation and want to make memorable shots, but the camera's cost matches your tour's? Why not rent one for much less? You'll manage to both save money and enjoy your photos.
Repair tools
Or maybe you faced another kind of situation. You've bought repair tools for your apartment. The repairs are over. Your tools are collecting dust. The need for them is gone, but you don't want to throw away. Too much money was spent. Why not rent them out? Someone out there is making repairs just like you did. That person needs the tools. And you can compensate the money you spent buying them.

Item sharing services

Using things together
The sharing services can help you with this. No need to look for clients, they'll find you on their own. Not only this will save your budget, but also our planet from excess trash. You'd think, just one unneeded purchase, but can you imagine now many of those happen on Earth? Thousands? Perhaps millions?

When we think about consuming rationally, we take care of our future. Less produced items = less trash. Our children and grandchildren deserve to remain on a liveable planet. Sharing can help us with that.
This movement is steadily becoming more popular. Everything is being rented out - car washes, travel vans, projectors, baby strollers.


All that and more is possible on our site:
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Anyone can find what they need or offer something of their own for rent. Take care of yourself and our planet today, it is so easy.
Feburary 8th 2021
Editor — Daria Azimova
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